Hello, and welcome! I’m Clara, the founder and creative force behind Happy Destiny Co. 

The road to starting this business has not been an easy one. After being prescribed pain medication during wisdom tooth surgery, my world changed. I woke up from surgery with my vision narrowed, and all I could focus on was how to feel the way those pills made me feel, all the time. My family, my friends, and my love for art and learning stopped mattering. My future didn’t matter anymore either. 

I hit rock bottom quickly, but I could not bring myself to stop digging. I couldn’t stop chasing that feeling I had felt when I woke up after surgery. More importantly, I couldn’t stand to sit with myself and reflect on who I had become. When I eventually checked into rehab, I went in and out, always thinking that I could ‘outsmart’ being who I was. When I finally got sober this time, I had finally been beaten badly enough that I was willing to do whatever it took. Recovery and my Higher Power gave me that relief I so badly craved.

Since getting clean, my world has gotten bigger than I could have imagined. When this real sobriety started, I didn’t have the courage to fantasize about being happy; my goal was to stay alive and, with luck, to make my life tolerable. I didn’t have the strength to have hope in the future, because I had hoped to get sober so many times before and been demoralized and broken with every failed attempt. Today, I am happy. I really didn’t believe that was possible.

As most of you know, I did not come up with this company name all by myself. At the end of the “A Vision for You”, the Big Book reads, “ will surely meet some of us as you trudge the Road of Happy Destiny” (Edition IV, pg. 164). My goal with this company was to share my own Happy Destiny with all of you. 

So welcome to my happy destiny. What you’ll find on this website are pieces of the beautiful life I’ve been so blessed with: items I have designed, or curated, or made by hand that mean something to me. Feel free to look around! I’m so happy to have you here.